Prevention is the best medicine.

From the start, we approach wellness head-on, embracing disease prevention through Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and biometric screenings.

Health Risk Assessments (HRA) HRAs are a vital baselining tool we use to develop a customized solution for your population, . This assessment evaluates members’ status—including their diet, lifestyle and family history—to gauge their risk for diabetes, stroke and heart attack. The results tell us who needs preventive care and exactly which outreach strategies will work best for each person.

At least 60% of deaths from colon cancer could be prevented from screenings. – CDC

Our HRAs include:

  • Both online and paper options
  • Risk scores for chronic conditions
  • Customized member action plan
  • Member’s Personal Health Record
  • Total population reporting
  • Health Report Card risk summary

A winning combination

Our HRAs would not be complete without biometric screenings. Biometric screenings collect purely objective data, often uncovering previously undiagnosed conditions. Additionally, we’ve often found that just being screened is a strong motivator to improve diet and exercise habits, as well as other positive lifestyle changes.

86% of employees who receive suggested steps based on their HRA results take action. – EBN

Healthgram screenings collect:

  • Height, weight, body mass index
  • Blood pressure , Resting heart rate (pulse)
  • LDL, HDL, total cholesterol, ratio, triglycerides
  • Blood glucose
  • HBa1c (optional, with a separate Cholestech analyzer)
In 2011, 62% of large employers offered biometric screenings to employees. – NBGH

Actionable data

Once every member has been screened, we collect and analyze these screening results to identify those needing outreach.  Through our software, each party gains a simple and personal way to work with HRA and screening results, gaining perspective and tools to leverage its power.

Healthgram’s member portal provides each member with a comprehensive Personal Health Record, which securely houses individual medical information, provides a personalized Health Action Plan, and gives them access to the articles and videos, interactive wellness tools and health calculators found in our Wellness Library. 

The personalized action plan provides members with a roadmap to better their health. This is the beginning of a truly life-changing process.

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