Have you had enough? The system that has you jumping through hoops, rushing from patient to patient and scratching your head at the end of the day is collapsing. The question is: are you going to get crushed under the weight of it or are you going to get out?

Wellness Coalition America specializes in employer-direct healthcare. We provide near-site facilities for doctors who want to practice the way they were trained and know how to practice medicine. Our model reduces your patient base by up to 75%, increases the time allowable for each patient visit and expands the scope of care you can realistically provide to patients. Consequently, patient outcomes are dramatically improved.

Patient Engagement

Our focus is on near-site, in other words, geographically approximate, stand-alone clinics.

You will work with a relatively young and healthy population because your patients are working people who are motivated to keep working and remain engaged in their jobs.

Your days of working with Insurance Companies are over. No more pre-certs, filings or protracted negotiations. Our clients pay us directly, eliminating the need for insurance company interactions.


We will also bring you patients as we build-out your practice to an optimal population size of about 750 lives. We will manage interactions with employers, maintain clinical infrastructure and handle all billing and expenses. You will hire and supervise the medical staff and, most importantly, you will regain control of your medical practice.


You will work with adults who are employed by a handful of companies in your area. In other words, you will become part of the local business community. You will be thought of as “the company doctor” for each company you serve.

A smaller patient count permits more meaningful relationships with each patient you see. You will know them and they will know you. You become not just a clinician but an educator, coach and a health advocate. In other words, you have the opportunity to be the doctor you were meant to be.

Practice Philosophy



You are not captive to a hospital system or multi-specialty practice, nor to health insurance mandates. Our primary care doctors treat 80 to 90% of the modalities he or she sees. You will no longer be practicing a fast form of triage in which your job devolves to eight minutes per patient followed by a recommendation to a specialist. Our approach, on the other hand, leaves you feeling more like a doctor and less like a traffic cop. This is a different care model that places you in the role to which you’ve always aspired.


In our direct pay model, you are not conflicted, giving you the freedom to be non-biased advocate, coach and educator for your patients. We will give you the tools to provide pricing transparency whenever your patients need to seek specialist care.


The healthcare system benefits greatly from the lack of co-ordination. This lack of coordination is extremely expensive for both patients and their employers. The savings you can influence by guiding patients, when needed, through the healthcare maze is key to helping our patients get the best care while reducing costs and lost time from work.