Every year, another round of double-digit increases in healthcare costs are coupled with the latest cost-shifting strategy that you have to somehow communicate to an increasingly anxious employee group. tarikhema.org

Not only have companies like yours shifted substantial, and often unaffordable, cost increases to your employees, we have all unwittingly funded a healthcare mega-system characterized by lack of coordination, lack of transparency and lower quality care.

It's time for a new strategy that creates an independent health care home for your employees. A strategy that is both an incredible employee benefit and one that more than pays for itself in reduced health care expenses.

Introducing WCA

Wellness Coalition America specializes in employer-direct healthcare. Our model emphasizes access to, and skills of, the primary care physician. Your employees will see an actual physician, not a physician’s assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner.

They will enjoy a style of healthcare we refer to as narrative medicine. It’s only possible in a more intimate setting where doctors know their patients and have the right amount of time to discuss, diagnose, treat, coach and follow-up with patients.

We’ve removed the structural impediments such as physician quotas, fee-for-service incentives and insurance requirements that have more to do with payer requirements than providing the best medical care possible.

We provide your employees with a personal physician. Our highly regarded physicians will deliver phenomenal primary care to your employees via a model that more than pays for itself in lower health care costs.




Close to your company, same day appointments, no double bookings, 24/7 availability by cell phone



Unlimited Access

Clinic members have unlimited access during clinic hours and 24/7 availability by cell phone, routine labs and office procedures all covered



Comprehensive Care

Urgent care, sick care, chronic condition management, wellness and lifestyle coaching, annual comprehensive physical exams. The clinic will cover 80-90% of your employees healthcare needs.



Trusted Advisor

When specialist care is needed, our physicians have the time to educate, coordinate and and be an advocate for your employees

Changing the Cycle

Healthcare costs continue to spiral upwards in a vicious cycle.  A lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, and poor co-ordination result in ever increasing costs.  Sadly, you are the only one who loses in this situation!

Our clients experience a virtuous cycle of savings by giving their employees an independent doctor.  This relationship removes conflicts of interests, promotes co-ordination, and champions transparency.  With an advocate, your employees will successfully navigate a confusing system while generating savings for themselves and the health plan.