Expense Savings

Easy access and 24/7 availability encourage preventative care visits and eliminate the need for most ER and Urgent Care visits. Scheduling strategy eliminates wait times. Doctors have the time and talent to treat and manage a much broader range of cases, reducing the need for referrals.

Specialist coordination reduces unneeded visits and testing, helps establish post-operative follow-up care, and reduces the chances of incompatible medications. Consultation eliminates confusion and allows members to understand all the medical options available.

Referral management and transparency tools help members choose high quality and high value providers, medications, imaging and testing.
Health issues are identified and managed, chronic issues don’t escalate, and many issues are avoided all together. Physician is accountable to the employer for keeping members healthy and getting them back to work quickly.

  • Up to a 10% reduction in total healthcare costs
  • Additional savings from lower reinsurance rates
  • Provide a benefit employees can’t access on their own
  • Fewer sick days, quicker doctor visits, more access
  • Healthier employees mean more engaged employees
  • Higher retention rates because employees see that you care about then and their health
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