As the most valuable asset you have, why would you trust the health of your workforce to a doctor you don’t know and a healthcare system that is virtually impossible to understand?

A way to stay healthy...

Introducing Wellness Coalition America

An entirely different way of caring for the people who are the lifeblood of your organization.

With Wellness Coalition America you have a “Company Doctor” who is a primary care physician. He’ll know your employees and they will know him. It’s a style of medicine we refer to as “Narrative Health.” In our format, doctors take the time they need to hear the patient’s full story. They will grow to trust their “Company Doctor” and rely on him for 80 to 90% of their healthcare needs. It is a relationship based on trust, not on a transaction determined by the requirements of a large hospital system or an insurance carrier.

Care in action: 

See why a WCA physician has been named one of the top doctors in North Carolina